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Welcome to PULASKI EVENTS.... This is the ONLINE CALENDAR for all things Hawkinsville / Pulaski County.
Let us know about all your events: your birthday, anniversay, civic organization's meetings, church's events,   governmental meetings, and club meetings.
If you want people to know about, then post the event here! 

Current Calendar

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January 2010

 Friday, January 1

New Years Day

 Saturday, January 2


 Saturday, January 2


 Sunday, January 3


 Monday, January 4

Event:  Students Return to School
Event: County Commissioner Meeting: 10:00am
 Event: City Commission Meeting: 6:00pm

 Tuesday, January 5

Birthday: Allison Coats, A.J. Coley

 Wednesday, January 6


 Thursday, January 7


 Friday, January 8

Event: Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors
Meeting: 8:00am

 Saturday, January 9

Event: Todd Henendeen - Legends & Elvis - Opera House Event 

 Sunday, January 10


 Monday, January 11


 Tuesday, January 12

Event: Pulaski County School Board Meeting:

 Wednesday, January 13

Birthday: Kimberly Carr

 Thursday, January 14


 Friday, January 15 

Birthday: Tammy Brown

 Saturday, January 16


 Sunday, January 17


 Monday, January 18

Martin Luther King Holiday
Birthday: Jessica Southerland

 Tuesday, January 19


 Wednesday, January 20


 Thursday, January 21


 Friday, January 22


 Saturday, January 23


 Sunday, January 24


 Monday, January 25

Pulaski School's Professional Learning - Student Holiday

 Tuesday, January 26


 Wednesday, January 27


 Thursday, January 28


 Friday, January 29


 Saturday, January 30

Event: Ocmulgee Symphony Orchestra - Mozart - Hawkinsville Opera House 

 Sunday, January 31


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